The Weekly Dig
Sept 2013

“…(Jehlen is) not afraid to flip our imaginations upside down. She is both a fluid and acrobatic dancer and yet grounded and composed. At times she is explosive and determined; at others she is sensitive and peaceful.

“restores a faith in life itself”

July 2013
Wendy Jehlen has created a riveting and fascinating new language in dance that reflects the society in which we live.

June 2013
la brillante interprétation emporte le public dans ce tourbillon d’émotions qui nous pousse à réfléchir sur notre propre « knocking within ».
“…the brilliant performance of the two artists carries the public through a whirlwind of emotions that push us to reflect on our own “knocking within.”

SMR Culture Plus
June 2013
“Captivating, mystical, fierce and brilliantly successful.”

The Harvard Crimson
April 16, 2013
“transfixing, calming, and transcendentally mystifying”

DNA India
Jan 2011
“A bouquet of dance forms for Bangalore”
Find divinity, find God, journey through the illusions of this world and finally, discover your true self. As you watch spellbound, there is no doubt you will emerge transformed in the sheer emotionality of Wendy Jehlen’s choreography.

New York City
July 2010
“ANIKAI Dance/Wendy Jehlen: Forest”
Wendy Jehlen is a captivating choreographer, with sharp musical sensibilities, an affinity for the natural integration of modern and world dance styles, and a deep sensitivity to the connections between human body movements and moods.

The Hindu
April 2007
“In the Realm of the Heart”
When the U.S.-based Wendy Jehlen goes on stage, you know you are in the realm of the heart.