…may the Mother bring me
there, to the bottom 
of the waterfall…
-Igor Fagundes
Poética na Incorporação

“Waterfall” is a work of visual poetry, an outdoor, site specific work. Thirty dancers cascade slowly down a long staircase. The work will be directed by the American choreographer Wendy Jehlen, with professionals from São Paulo, including ANIKAYA do Brasil, a company operating in the capital and directed by Jehlen. The work will be choreographed by US-based choreographer Wendy Jehlen, with dancers from São Paulo including SP-based ANIKAYA do Brasil, music by Ednaldo da Costa (Chocolate), and in collaboration with Deaf poets including Leonardo Castilho and Mariana Ayelen. The performance will be created in workshop immediately preceding the performance.

The performance is accessible by design for the Deaf and includes Deaf artists in its creation. Workshops will also be inherently Deaf accessible and have the potential to be Blind and Deaf-Blind accessible as well. Movers of all body-types will be actively invited to participate, and adjustments will be made in the choreography for all participants.



ANIKAYA do Brasil
Rodrigo Cândido
Átila Muniz
Juliana Nascimento
Raquel Flor Nunes
Wellington Santana
Raíssa Tomasin

Wendy Jehlen (choreography and direction)
WENDY JEHLEN’s career has been marked by international explorations, study and creative collaboration. Her unique approach to choreography incorporates elements of Bharata Natyam; Odissi; Capoeira, Kalaripayattu, West African dance, Butoh, and a wide-range of Contemporary movement forms. Her emotionally powerful choreography has been created and performed in the US, Canada, Italy, India, Japan, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Mali and Turkey.

Her works include Entangling (2015), a duet with Burkinabe choreographer Lacina Coulibaly inspired by Quantum Entanglement; The Deep (2015), a work for 25 dancers created in São Paulo, Brazil, Lilith (2013), a solo on the first woman; The Knocking Within (2012), an evening-length duet on a disintegrating relationship; Forest (2010), a journey through the archetypal forest; He Who Burns (2006), a trio on the figure of Iblis (Satan); Breathing Space (2003), a collaboration with Japanese choreographer Hikari Baba in Tokyo; Crane (2002), based on images from Japanese Buddhist poetry; and Haaaa (2002), inspired by the experience of childbirth.


Jehlen has received support from the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (2017-2018), Jacob’s Pillow (2017-2018), Theater Communications Group (2018), the Japan Foundation (2017-2018), the Boston Foundation (2012, 2017), New England Foundation for the Arts (2016, 2017), Network of Ensemble Theaters (2016, 2017), the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (2015, 2016), the Boston Center for the Arts Choreographers’ Residency program (2010, 2015), the Artist Fellowship Program of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (2003, 2012), the American Institute of Indian Studies (2001, 2013), the Boston Dance Alliance (2013), the National School of Drama (2006, 2011, 2013), the BU Jewish Cultural E

ndowment (2012),  the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (2011), the Alliance Francaise de Madras (2006), the Fulbright program (2005-2006), the National Endowm

ent for the Arts(2005), the Tokyo American Center (2002), the Puffin Foundation (2001), and the Ford Foundation/Arts International (1996), among others.




Ednaldo da Costa (Chocolate) (music)

Ednaldo da Costa (Chocolate) is a capoeirista and instructor of Capoeira Angola. In additional to teaching regularly at Mestre Plinio’s Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinha, he has taught workshops at SESC Verão, SESC Paulista, at Escola Berimbrasil, at CEPUSP (Universidade de São Paulo), CDC Vento Leste, among many others. He has also trained theater and performing groups including Coletivo Quizumba. He makes and maintains the instruments of capoeira, including caxixi, berimbau and xequeré.


Leonardo Castilho (poetry)

LEONARDO CASTILHO is a Deaf artist, actor, performer, educator and cultural producer. He is the former Director of Culture of the Association of the Deaf of São Paulo – ASSP, and since 2005 he has been working in the Educational Sector of MAM-SP as an accessibility producer, and a professor of performance of the Programa Igual Diferente. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Corposinalizante, a group that researches and produces art, open to the Deaf and hearing who are interested in the Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS). Since 2008 he has developed cultural projects, documentaries, performances and poetic interventions. In 2014 Corpozinhalizante created SLAM DO CORPO, the 1st battle of poetry in Brazil with Deaf and hearing participants. This Slam was born from the desire to experience poetic performances in a composition between the Portuguese language and LIBRAS, between Deaf and hearing. In their performances, sometimes the languages ​​are different, each one with its own grammar and rhythm; at other times, they intersect

Producer: Valmiro Junior