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Entangling is a collaboration between dancers/choreographers Wendy Jehlen (US) and Lacina Coulibaly (Burkina Faso/US). 

Entangling is inspired by Quantam Entanglement. Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon by which two atoms that are physically separated in space and time, become, for all intents and purposes, one.

As we travel we find ourselves entangled in a metaphorical sense, and what we experience as a physical sense, with people around the world. We feel the tugging of these invisible, impossible connections at all times. This work is a visual embodiment of that feeling. It is also an expression of what is our underlying reality – that we are all inextricably and consequentially connected to each other.

The narrative of Entangling is infused with a constant state of movement we call Dark Matter. This Dark Matter is made manifest intermittently throughout the performance in fleeting, deeply intimate moments, before it recedes into near invisibility. This structure was inspired by the work of theoretical physicist Lisa Randall.

The creation of Entangling was supported by a Choregraphers Residency at the Boston Center for the Arts and a space grant at Donko Seko center for contemporary dance in Bamako, Mali. To date, Entangling has been performed at the Boston Center for the Arts, the Institute for Contemporary Art – Boston, Festival Tiradentes em Cena (Tiradentes, Brazil), Centro de Referência da Dança (São Paulo, Brazil) and Festival MAIDA (Cotonou, Benin).

Karen Campbell of the Boston Globe wrote: “Riveting…Jehlen and Coulibaly fluidly connected and disconnected through lifts, turns, and tumbles with eloquent articulation and a softly luxurious sense of weight.”

Performances to date:
Boston Center for the Arts
Institute for Contemporary Art
Festival Tiradentes em Cena
Centro de Referência da Dança de São Paulo

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