182f96_ccc7709a1ae0e0cded1aa9eaa180533aBecome (2009)
Become consists of eight episodes, ranging from 1 to 15 minutes in length. Become unfolds over eight episodes, each built from a single gesture. Each episode takes a gesture out of context and projects it onto the full body. As it is expanded in time and space, an environment, a world, a character is revealed. Moving from introspection to discovery, from despair to ecstasy, Become is a distillation of mood and meaning.

182f96_74c46514b01b3d7dbf62e57af2705d7cThe Moth, India (2007)
Commissioned by Muzzafar Ali for the Jahan-e-Khusrau Festival 2007, Delhi, The Moth follows the archetypal moth from its emergence from the cocoon, then as it begins to fly, and is drawn inexorably towards the flame.

182f96_a0715a589554dbda30d99bb9b42b334d-1Dragon (Japan, 2003)
Part of “Hands: Rhythm Project,” Dragon was originally created in Tokyo on dancers from the Mieko FUJI dance company, and later on US dancers for the 2005 Seattle International Children’s Festival. It tells a folk tale about a young girl who is transformed into a dragon. The music and concept of Dragon were created by and in collaboration with Kentaro Uchida.
Supported by a Creation and Presentation grant from the NEA, The International House of Japan and the Tokyo American Center.

182f96_92f0c16ad7bef7b0fc376d5f5a9552baCrane, India (2002)
Choreographed in India as part of “Safar,” Crane is inspired by a line by the Japanese priest Saigyo:
“the autumn dusk,
a snipe alights
from the marsh…”

The creation of Crane was supported by the Puffin Foundation, Bodhi Music, the Park Hotel Chennai, the American Institute of Indian Studies, Harvard Summer School, and the Rishi Valley School.