Lacina Coulibaly
Burkina Faso/US
Projects include: Entangling, Listen

Lacina Coulibaly was born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. His dance career, deeply rooted in traditional African dances, later merged with contemporary influences to create a uniquely African choreographic expression. In 1995, Lacina created the Cie Kongo Bâ Teria with Souleymane Badolo and Ousseni Sako. Their creations toured internationally, including being a part of the Movement (R)Evolution tour which toured throughout the US. They were also featured in the documentary film Movement (R)Evolution Africa (2007). Lacina’s choreography often provokes questions of the (dis)integration of the traditional and the contemporary. Lacina has taught and been an artist-in-residence at universities in US including Brown University, Yale University, University of Florida, Cornell University, and UCLA. He has acted as assistant choreographer with Nora Chipuamire for her work with Urban Bush Women. He is founder/director of the company Hakili Sigi.


Marcel Gbeffa
Projects: (R)evolve, Forest, Conference of the Birds, Run Like a Girl

Marcel Gbeffa is a prolific choreographer and dancer who has worked with many important leaders and innovators in the world of African contemporary and African diaspora dance.  He completed his professional training at the renowned Germaine Acogny’s Ecole des Sables in Senegal.  He has danced with Salia Sanou, Patrick and Germaine Acogny, Andréya Ouamba, Reggie Wilson, Nobert Senou and many others. He has toured in Europe, the US, Brazil and throughout Africa.

As a performer, he has been danced for many internationally known choreographers, most recently: a solo, “Marcel, Here and Now” (Marceline Lartigue), Sueur des Ombres “Sweat of the Shadows” (Andréya Ouamba) and Good Dance (Reggie Wilson / Andréya Ouamba) with which he toured all over the United States. Marcel has worked with choreographers and renowned teachers such as Norbert Senou and Caroline Fabre (France / Benin), Patrick Acogny and Germaine Acogny (Senegal – France) Longafo Eyeoto (Congo), Nora Chipaumir (Zimbabwe – New York) Mantsoe (South Africa); Michelle Broda (France) Sarah Carlson (USA).

Marcel founded the company Multicorps in 2008. His solo Et…Si (2008) was selected for the solo competition “Choreographic Encounters of Africa and the Indian Ocean” in 2010. Other works include Ombre Primitive (2010) and Le Couloir Sombre de l’Amour (2011) and Sans Regard (2011). The latter two works were commissioned by the Foundation Zinsou (Benin) for their “Dansons Maintenant” festival. In late 2011 he created the duet Solitude Blues with choreographer Maria Luisa Angulo (Trias Culture). His duet with Brazilian dancer/choreographer Wagner José de Faria toured Brazil in 2013.



Project: Delicateness in Times of Brutality

DAKEI is the founder of SHIZUKU, director, choreographer and dancer. Dakei directs, performs and creates art installations. In 2000, he gained Ph.D. degree from The National Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai) in oil painting department specialized in material studies.

When he was 2 years old, he lost his hearing and since then he grew up as a deaf. He started acting in 1996 for the group called National Theater of Deaf. In 1997 he was invited by butoh dance director named Kinya “ZULU” Tsuruyama, who saw him acting, to his choreography for the troop called YAN-SHU. He joined the troop and appeared in all of YAN-SHU’s pieces and with this group he traveled to perform and assist workshops around the world.

In 2000, he formed his own company, SHIZUKU, which debuted in Teatro Pradillo in Madrid, Spain. Since then he has been touring among Europe, Asia and Latin American countries where he performs and teaches workshops.

Recently he started teaching butoh in the Japan College of Social Work for the seminor specializing in teaching in sign language.

Recently he become more active in performing for film and making of the movie. He appears in the film of Agnes Trouble (a.k.a. Agnes b.)’s first film “My Nma eis Hmmmm….” (2012) have showed in Venezia Film Festival in 2013 and the piece is presently showing in the film festival’s around the world.


S. Seda Guney
Projects: Conference of the Birds, Run Like a Girl