The Deep is inspired by the idea of the time before time, the time before creation, before differentiation.  In many religions, there is a state that exists before “creation,” which is a state of unity, in which there is no division, and therefore no order.  The act of creation is the act of division, of slicing the universe into parts, of defining limits.  In Genesis, this state is described as a formless darkness and the first moments of creation consist of the creation of opposites – night and day, darkness and light, land and water.  Physics also describes a state before the first subatomic particles began to form, to differentiate – the singularity.  But what is this singularity?  What is “the Deep?” 

The Deep premiered in February 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Dancers (premiere):
Rodrigo Cândido
Taiana Ferraz
Aline Batista
Ana Elisa Mello
Isabella Soares
Maira Yuri
Mariana Brum
Isabelle Fernandes
Francisco Silvino
Andres Perrez Barrera
Duda Oliveira
Raffab Ajá
Elaine Duarte
José Cabral Melo
Victor Lopes
Wendy Jehlen