Inspired by research into the neuroscience of sleep and the anthropology of dreams, The Knocking Within weaves a portrait of two lovers and the nightmares that plague them, unveiling their insecurities, their fears and the violence that lies just beneath the surface.

With text in English, Hindi and American Sign Language, The Knocking Within draws on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Twelfth Night and Titus Andronicus to effect a re-staging of theater, taking it decidedly into the realm of visual communication. The texts are present but implicit, creating a tension between the permanence of print, the persistence of imbedded cultural stories, and the immanent meaning-making power of bodies moving through space.

Wendy Jehlen
Pradhuman Nayak

Stephen Petrilli
Holly Ko

photos: Steven Schreiber

video: Onirica Productions